Sunday, April 29, 2007

An urban legend - with a penguin star

Utah's Hogle Zoo has received several reports and inquiries about whether they are housing a stolen penguin from California, which was stolen by a young boy from Lehi. Zoo officials say the rumor is merely an urban legend and that no such stolen penguin exists.

While it may sound like an intriguing story, it has its plot holes.

First of all, the San Diego Zoo does not even have a penguin exhibit. And even if it did, zookeepers say it would be nearly impossible to steal such an animal, undetected.

Salt Lake City’s zoo has made it clear that there is no stolen penguins at its exhibit, and that any such attempt to implement one there would be a risky – and possibly painful – endeavor.

“Penguins look cute and cuddly, but unfortunately they do have beaks and they do like to bite,” Braithwaite said. “So it would be a little bit tough.”

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