Friday, June 1, 2007

Penguin ice cream at Baskin Robbins

Surf’s Up Inspired Flavors

Let your taste buds ride the wave of extreme flavor! Baskin-Robbins brings you refreshing summer treats in flavors inspired by Sony Pictures’ Surf’s Up. You’ll enjoy the delicious pairing of mondo flavors to keep your summer sweet. Stop by from 5/29 – 8/19 and scoop up these limited time flavors. From the beach to the pool, these refreshing treats will help make your summer chill.

And be sure to try your favorite flavor in our awesome Penguin Cone—frosted with an adorable penguin.

Flavors of the Month


Penguin Swirl: Step up the flavor when you enjoy a sweet swirl of luscious Mixed Berry ice cream combined with our delectable Tutti Fruiti ice. Lick by lick you’ll find your mouth turning black just like a penguin—what could be more fun!


Splish Splash™: You won’t be blue when you indulge yourself with a refreshing blend of Blue Raspberry sherbet swirled with scrumptious Blueberry ice.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'am not sure if it is the Pengin ice cream but i had one scoop and the next dump i took was all green! Just wondering if anyone else had this issue? It seem like it might of been the ice cream because of the dye/food coloring in Penguin Ice Cream.

Richard said...

Absolutely did. I remember studying this concept in science MANY years ago ... and now one can experiment with ice cream. Kind of funny.

Anonymous said...

Here is a poll: What is your favorite Baskin Robins Ice Cream? Peanut Butter and Chocolate for me. After working there when I was a kid I soon realized that they clearly make the best ice cream there is. For those of you that disagree you must remember quality of the product ends when it is in your hands. If you bought it in a grocery store it's automatically crap even if it says Baskin Robins on it. Here is the link to the poll I mentioned:

Ron said...

Confirmed. I had a scoop of Penguin Swirl and about a day later I had a stool that was the brightest color green you can image. I called my doctor in a panic and as we went through the possibilities, food coloring came up. It then struck me about the ice cream. It is (as you know) the darkest color black imaginable in a food. Glad to hear somebody else has had the same experience.

Anonymous said...

I was always afraid to comment on the Penguin Swirl. But I, too, had the black teeth/green poop talked about. I must admit, though, I loved the flavors. I single handedly, over a period of several days, bought the whole container at my neighborhood B-R. While on vacation in a beach resort I popped into a B-R and there it was.....a container that was barely used. Employees said they sold a few scoops and now couldn't give it away. They offered to pay me to take it. I did. And black teeth and green poop for the next month didn't bother me at all!