Sunday, September 2, 2007

Little penguins could be hit by channel deepening

A member of St Kilda's little penguin colony makes a dash across the sand. Researchers fear that proposed dredging in Port Phillip Bay will affect the colony.

Photo: Joe Armao

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misty said...

This seems a bit of a concern as I have just read on the internet about other little penguins found dead.
Odd, unusual and disturbing. Please see my notes & email below.

Fairy Penguins in Port Phillip Bay - BirdForum
Fairy Penguins in Port Phillip Bay Australia. ... I was saddened and surprised to find a dead Fairy Penguin at Altona Beach yesterday. ... - 32k - Cached - Similar pages

Concerned Bay Resident.

I was walking as I have always along Black Rock Beach - 'Seaview' end where I cam across a dead blue little penguin. I unfortunately did not check whether it had a tag on it's foot,which would have helped to identify where it came from. St Kilda or other... It looked just fresh - 7.30pm. But I must admit I have never seen in my whole life a dead blue penguin washed up on the local beach here. Lots of Cormorants and general Seagulls but never a little blue penguin. And I am 43 years ago and have lived in this area since I was 2. This does concern me a little bit due to disturbances on the Bay. Could you please investigate...

Your sincerely