Saturday, December 22, 2007

There's a penguin in in Dunchurch

The Lutterworth Observer reports that pranksters in Dunchurch have left their mark on the Lord John Scott statue once again.

Every year in the week before Christmas the statue in the heart of the village is given a new look, and this year it is a penguin!

In recent years the mystery culprits have kitted the Lord out in a Shrek costume, as well as dressing him as Mr Blobby, a Womble, one of the Teletubbies and Pokeman Pikachu. Last Christmas it was the turn of Postman Pat.

By the way - according to Wikipedia, Lord John Douglas Montague Scott (1809-1860) was a 19th century landlord, Scottish M.P. and younger brother to the Duke of Buccleugh.

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