Friday, May 18, 2007

Cute Cartoon Character Causes Controversy

A popular penguin, watched on television by children worldwide, is now at the center of a cartoon controversy.

A South Florida mother is up in arms over the cartoon, which her daughter loves to watch on PBS Sprout, not because of its content but because of the penguin’s name.

“Pingu” is about the adventures of a young penguin and his daily experiences in his snowy surroundings but Maida Rodriguez, mother of a 4-year old girl, says there’s a problem with this cute cartoon character that has her reaching for the remote.

Rodriguez says the name “Pingu” is considered a not so nice word by some Hispanics. “Basically, the word ‘pingu’ stands for male genitalia,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says she’s called Comcast and PBS but was basically told that if you don’t like it then turn it off.


Anonymous said...

I sympathize with the women but there are men named Dick and no one says anything.

Anonymous said...

Yes but people call some men Dick because their real name is Richard and no-one says anything because they all know it ok.

macpenguin said...

I wonder if this woman is also offended by Penne pasta and all the other harmless things that coincidentally mean or refer to something "inappropriate" in the Spanish language. Pingu is awesome and I'm shocked to learn that it was even aired on TV. We've had to buy the DVD's to find it in the US!