Monday, January 21, 2008

Penguin Awareness Day

Oh no, we missed it!

According to Penguin Geek and Cephalopodcast, January 20 was National Spheniscid Awareness Day (aka, Penguin Day.)

They've each listed a bunch of penguin related websites and activities for penguin aficionados.

Neither one of them mentioned our little humble weblog, Penguins!

Thanks a lot, guys!

Holiday Insights clarifies that while Penguin Awareness Day is always January 20

World Penguin Day is always April 25th.

Their research did not uncover any information about the origin of Penguin Awareness Day. They found no consensus on the date. Rather, they found several conflicting dates in January.


Anonymous said...

Sorry! I didn't really mention any specific blogs. Your site will always be in my penguinirific link log on the sidebar though!

JasonR said...

Indeed. Corrected.

JasonR said...

Okay, try this

FUNNY PETS said...

Thanks, Adam and Jason!