Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You meet the strangest people . . .

This is General Jackson, GJ for short, a Basset Hound, who lives in the Falkland Islands. GJ writes a blog about his globe-trotting adventures, but that's not what today's story is about.

Today's story is about a walk the other day. GJ was trotting along the path, investigating things that needed it and minding his own business when there and behold there blocking his way was a penguin!

It was a bit embarrassing really as GJ was not sure what to do.

The penguin seemed to be doing his morning exercises. Or was he just trying to impress GJ?

GJ thinks that with some practice he might be able to twist his neck like that.

Finally, GJ did manage to squeeze past the penguin while trying not to disturb him.

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