Friday, May 30, 2008

Penguins new home in San Francisco

It was moving day this week in San Francisco for the flock of 20 penguins, Spheniscus demersus, natives of South Africa and Namibia. After four years of living in a temporary exhibit while the natural history museum built a new $488 million home at the California Academy of Sciences, the black-and-white birds are now settling into their bright new space.

After the new museum opens on Sept. 27, visitors will be able to view the penguins through an acrylic wall at the end of a long hall of African dioramas -- scenes with stuffed animals and painted backdrops. The penguins, visible both preening on the rocks and swimming under water, will provide a lively contrast to the eerie stillness of the stuffed lions and antelope.

Source: Bloomberg News

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