Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lost penguin visits Australia

Believed to have taken a wrong turn, this penguin was too exhausted to stand when he was found on the beach near the ferry dock about noon.

Helen Burrell, of Leopold Wildlife Shelter, said the penguin had most likely swam across the ocean from New Zealand and followed the Queenscliff ferry into shore.

"The only penguin breed on our shores are little blue or fairy penguins," she said.

"He's definitely not a fairy penguin, he's about five times bigger and has yellow Bob Hawke-style eyebrows. He must've gotten himself lost and just followed the ferry to shore."

Ms Burrell said the royal penguin stood about 60cm tall and weighed 25kg. She said the penguin was not injured but had severe dehydration when he was found. He was taken to Melbourne Zoo overnight to be officially identified and rehabilitated before he is released back into the ocean.


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