Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Penguin Thermometer

There's a very good reason for all those baby items shaped like animals, as parents soon discover: your child is far more likely to submit to 'Mr Penguin' taking a quick look into their ear than to a scary-looking piece of adult equipment.

£23.99 at Bambino Direct



Anonymous said...

wow top baby buys Of the year!
I am so proud of these purchases because they really are the best in the market, very practical and I was able to get Bambino Direct voucher for them!

ShooShoos said...

I completely agree, this is one of our favourite purchases. Our son Ben would scream the house down anytime we tried to check the temperature in his ear, until our friend recommended the penguin thermometer. Now we don't get any tantrums, it's really quite amazing how dressing a thermometer up as a penguin completely makes Ben at ease.