Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mr Munro a penguin with mojo

Meet Mr Munro, the cheeky penguin setting hearts aflutter at Taronga Zoo.

The fancy Fiordland is the key to the Zoo's penguin breeding program - and is definitely living up to his nickname - "Mr Smooth".

With the help of Mr Munro and his two female companions Milford and Chalky, Taronga is now the only zoo in the world with a breeding program for the Fiordland penguin - but the program almost didn't happen.

Milford and Chalky have lived at the zoo since washing up on the east coast of Australia in 1994.

However, without a mate, there was no hope of breeding the endangered species from New Zealand's south island.

Enter Mr Munro, who washed up one year ago with his sexy yellow feathers and red beak.

In a promising sign, the union has produced the first batch of eggs in many years, with a second batch expected over the next two weeks.

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