Friday, July 20, 2007

Paris the penguin plays up

A PENGUIN named after Paris Hilton has ended up mimicking the behaviour of the socialite heiress.

The penguin was named after the society girl when her incessant screaming for food raised fears over her parents' health.

Staff at Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary put penguin Paris behind bars in a fenced off section to give the parents, Dick and Dougal, a break - but in more star-like adventures, Paris escaped and had to be locked up once more.

Animal care expert Lyndsey Crawford said: "Although she should be fending for herself by now, and will eat whole fish when the staff dole them out, she still constantly pesters her parents to get them to regurgitate more food for her.

"As long as she is still able to see the other penguins through the bars of the fence and can chatter to them and occasionally touch bills, the separation shouldn't be too hard on her."

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