Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's all happening at the zoo

The Central Park Zoo has become the No. 1 hot spot for gay birds. Ten years ago, Roy and Silo made history as the zoo's first same-sex penguin couple by cohabitating and refusing female companionship. Their historic coming-out opened the floodgates. (In 2005 Silo walked out of his 6-year relationship with Roy for a girlfriend from California called Scrappy. The new heterosexual couple built a nest and hang out by the pool.)

In Faye Flam's new book, "The Score: How The Quest For Sex Has Shaped The Modern Man" curator John Rowden reveals, "We currently have a number of [penguin] same-sex pairs." And they aren't the only gay birds in the park - Flam writes there are plenty of homosexual geese and ducks also hooking up.

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