Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One way to get a penguin to fly

A C-130 rolled down the strip with 399 penguins on a one-way trip in Brazil last Friday.

The mission: To save the Magellanic penguins that had been stranded 1,550 miles north of their typical feeding grounds and were starving on the beaches of near Salvador.

IFAW, in cooperation with the Brazilian government, loaded the birds into crates and flew them on a Brazilian air force C-130 to Pelotas, which is on the coast just shy of the border with Argentina.

Once led to the frigid water at Pelotas, the birds waddled away.

Source: AirForce Times


Princess Nikki said...

I saw this on the news today and I was so sad for them. So many of them died. I can't imagine how bewildered they must have been.

Holy Cuteness said...

Awww, poor penguins. But very good people tried to help them, so that at least they did not all die...

Eliana said...

Did not know the news makes me sad that many penguins are dying. And happy that there are people to help